Samnomi Oil and Gas Global Ltd are specialized in offering designed support to various stages of the exploration, production, processing, and distribution of oil and gas resources.

Engineering Procurement

Samnomi Oil and Gas Global Ltd offers engineering procurement services that involve sourcing and acquiring the necessary materials, equipment, and components required for an oil and gas project. Our procurement team ensures that the products sourced meet the client's specifications, are of high quality, and are delivered on time and within budget.

Engineering Services

Our engineering services include designing, constructing, and maintaining oil and gas facilities. Our experienced engineers and technicians are skilled in various disciplines and use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to deliver high-quality engineering solutions that meet our clients' needs.

Well Engineering Management Services

We provide well engineering management services, which include planning, designing, and supervising the drilling, completion, and testing of oil and gas wells. Our team of experts ensures that every well is drilled efficiently, safely, and at the lowest possible cost while adhering to industry standards and regulations.

Haulage services

We offer haulage services that involve the transportation of materials, equipment, and personnel to and from oil and gas sites. Our modern and well-maintained fleet of trucks ensures timely and efficient delivery of goods, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Well Head Services

Our wellhead services include the installation, maintenance, and repair of wellheads, valves, and other surface equipment. We provide a comprehensive range of wellhead services to ensure the safe and efficient operation of oil and gas wells.

Petroleum Products purchase

Samnomi Oil and Gas Global Ltd is a reputable supplier of petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel, and other refined products. Our procurement team sources high-quality products from reliable suppliers at competitive prices and delivers them to our clients' locations promptly.

Instrumentation and control

We provide instrumentation and control services for oil and gas facilities, including the design, installation, and maintenance of instrumentation and control systems. Our experienced technicians and engineers use the latest technology and equipment to deliver accurate and reliable control systems that optimize production efficiency.

Engineering Consultancy

Samnomi Oil and Gas Global Ltd offers engineering consultancy services to clients in the oil and gas industry. Our team of experts provides technical advice and guidance to help clients optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve safety and environmental performance. We also offer project management services to help clients plan, execute, and monitor their projects to ensure successful completion.

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